Stereotypes Kill

Five years later, seven of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick have returned to the place where they got their second chance. 
It’s a reunion of sorts, and definitely a photo op.
If you believe the stereotype, what’s happening in the three minute clip above is impossible because Pit Bulls are vicious, dangerous, worthless animals. 
Here’s the thing. Snap judgements are dangerous. Stereotyping is dangerous.
That video? It tears a gaping hole in every negative label that uniformly blankets this breed. These dogs are a walking billboard for just how dangerous it is to buy into someone else’s beliefs simply because they are really, really good at promoting those beliefs. 
Take a second today to think about some of the beliefs you have. About a dog, a skin color, a disability, sexual orientation, political preference, the list goes on and on. Are these beliefs rooted in firsthand experience? If not, maybe make a commitment to yourself that you’ll get the info. you need to make up your own mind and not let others tell you what to believe.