Being In The Now


Originally posted on the DesignAglow Blog, one of my favorite blogs for inspiration.

Getting back into the groove (one of my favorite all-time sayings — “A rut is just the flip side of a groove.” I wish I knew who originally said it.) has me thinking about blogging more. And reconnecting to my creativity. So I’m trying on a series of posts about the things that inspire me . . . .

The questions posed to each member of the A Beautiful Mess staff are pretty awesome.
Spirit Animal: Otter. Or Flamingo. Or goose.
Favorite movie: Holy cow. Ummmm, The “Before” Trilogy, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight. And Chasing Amy. Definitely.
Celebrity crush:  Kevin Bacon. Or Matt Nathanson.
Guilty pleasure:  Watching Professional Wrestling.
Non-blog hobby:  Making stuff with paper.
Childhood hero:  Captain America.

Making hanging planters. I’m just so worn out by winter. And this. Knitting is cathartic, this chunky blanket looks so inviting, and Lynn Knowleton’s blog is pulling me back to my creative roots. Triple double.

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This guy’s awesome photos. His name is Michael Paul Smith and his photos are all recreations using models and toys. So cool.

90.9 The Bridge Live Streaming. Awesome. And Robert Randolph and The Family Band when I gotta get things done.

The NCAA Tournament wasn’t already down to the Final 4. And that Michigan State hadn’t lost.

Want to be really inspired? Watch this. Michigan Stat’s Adreian Payne met 8 year-old Lacey while on a visit to a local children’s hospital and they’ve become inseparable.

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