Truthbomb Jewelry by Danielle LaPorte

My new best friend (not really – I just like to think we’d be fantastic friends) Danielle LaPorte has created the #‎Truthbomb‬ jewelry collection with Dogeared  Jewelry.

The collection debuts tomorrow. As an affiliate for Danielle LaPorte, I can tell you that the pieces are amazing. There are 9 unique pieces (silver + gold), all handcrafted in the USA

Each necklace and charm combo comes with a beautifully designed inspirational card to explain the intentions of that piece. It’s like giving yourself, or your loved ones, a customized wish.

Choose from:
French Kiss Life
You Can and You Will
Love Rewards The Brave
Lack Of Passion Is Fatal
Choose to Shine
I See You
It’s Going To Be Ok
Love Love
or, my favorite, Authenticity Is Magnetic

Silver retails for $58.00 and gold for $68.00 per piece.
You can purchase your piece, a piece to give as a gift, or both, here. If you’d rather avoid shipping email me. And, if you’d like to order multiples for your next event, I can make that happen, too.

Remember, the link above won’t work until tomorrow. If you want a head start, though, email me.

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