Weekly Wrap Up 2.5.2016


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There’s always stuff that doesn’t make it into the newsletter, mostly because the article included this week about tidying up your newsfeed was written about me.

10 Anti-Surveillance Tools That Protect Your Privacy Online

His Dad Came Back From The War With PTSD. His Friends Built An App To Help It’s possible I’ve shared this before. It’s probable I’ll share it again.

Lady Gaga On Wanting To Be Iron Maiden Smart Woman. And Bruce Dickinson’s reply made me laugh out loud.

Here’s Everything Science Knows About How You Developed Your Taste In Music This was a fascinating read. The only thing that hasn’t held true for me so far is that my tastes have varied wildly and continue to do so.

David Foster Wallace On The Redemptive Power Of Reading And The Future Of Writing In The Age Of Information I may have mentioned I’ve committed to a reading challenge this year. Infinite Jest is my pick for “A book that intimidates me”. My other picks are over on my alter-ego blog irishyogachick.com 


I’m creating a blog planner (kind of a yearly calendar just for blogging). It’ll be up on the website before the end of the month and will include weekly and yearly planning sheets as well as analytics tracking sheets.

Podcast of the Week:

Still thinking about Limetown. Good, old-time-y radio storytelling. That scared the snot outta me a couple of times.

This Week’s Music:

I have weekly playlists over on Spotify. I just can’t figure out how to share them so it’s highly unlikely this link will work unless you have a Spotify account.  So, here’s what’s on it this week.

Last In Line: Devil In Me

The Cure: Friday I’m In Love

The Winery Dogs: I’m No Angel

The Clash: Rock The Casbah

Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus

Arc Angels: Living in A Dream

Bruce Springsteen’s Tribute To Glenn Fry: Take It Easy


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