Weekly Wrap-Up 3-14-2016

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You’re noticing that it’s very late, aren’t you? That’s because I spent Friday being certified as a Mental Health First Aid Responder. And forgot to post this.

Speaking of Mental Health First Aid, the course was fantastic and I highly recommend placing it on your “to do” list. You won’t regret it.


As always, there’s stuff that doesn’t make it into the newsletter. Here’s this week’s list:

Instagram Captions: Mastering A Massive Engagement-Driver
Does anyone else “see” the caption before snapping the photo? Just me?

Olivia Wilde Directed The Latest Edward Sharpe Video With An iPhone
as it says in the article, “go out and make something cool” (iPhone not required). 

How a Hacker Protects His Kids Against Other Hackers
First of all, Chief Human Hacker is actually a thing. Plus, he discusses really good stuff.

Director Alex Winter Launched A Kickstarter To Make The Definitive Frank Zappa Doc
You know, Alex Winter, “Bill” from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure He’s also directed Deep Web, which is worth a watch.

The Quitter’s Mindset Could Be The Secret To Success
Interesting read. Disappointing that ‘quitting’ is always seen as a negative.

What Is Your Average Speed In Your Life, Your Health, And Your Work
Speaking as a forever recovering “maximum speed, no-off-switch” type, it’s not sustainable. And it wreaks havoc when that mindset inevitably fails. “Average” isn’t bad at all.

Photo of the Week
Mind Blowing? 
Claustrophobia inducing is more accurate, I think.  Wow, wow, wow. And, no.

This Week’s Music*:
I have weekly playlists over on Spotify*. I ‘m not convinced it’s possible to share them. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely this link will work unless you have a Spotify account.  So, here’s what’s on it this week.

Hank Williams Sr.: I Saw The Light

Extreme: King of the Ladies

Poco: Call it Love

Blondie: Call Me

The Kinks: Come Dancing

A Flock Of Seagulls: I Ran

The Beatles: I Saw Her Standing There

*I believe in paying all artists for their work. Streaming music services allow for the discovery of new music, or reminders of great music I haven’t thought about in a while. I hope that if you hear something you like you’ll consider purchasing the song (or album) for your own collection.

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