Weekly Wrap-Up 3-18-2016

This week’s newsletter is here.

There’s always stuff that doesn’t make it into the newsletter. Here’s this week’s list:

People are unhappy about Instagram’s proposed changes. #keepinstagramchronological had 19,967 posts the last time I checked. And there’s a movement for 24 hours of #InstagramSilence that’s currently running at more than 1,500 posts.

Etsy is changing the way shop owners do things.

And, there’s also this: Etsy’s New Paid Parental Leave Policy Is Designed To Counteract Gender Bias
and, they have a director of culture and environment. Maybe things really are changing.

Productivity and the Workplace of the Future
Or not. Seems as though a lot of these articles say the same thing, and it’s always “in the future”.

Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Collection in a New York Sanitation Garage
Gotta say, this is better than some antique stores I’ve been in. The stuff people throw out.

The mass market edition of To Kill A Mockingbird is going out of print. That feels weird.

This is how you play the game. And of course, he plays for the San Antonio Spurs, team of my beloved David Robinson.

Speaking of which, how ’bout your bracket? Hello Yale!

Can Tiny Homes Solve Homelessness? 
I wrote my first term paper on the mass deinstitutionalization initiated in the 1970’s (and I still have my index cards). I like that this gentleman calls his program “a relationship model”.

The Negative Effects of Daylight Savings Time
Not good, I know. However, I still equate daylight savings time with the yearly reminder from my parents during the summer months to “be home when the streetlights come on” and how much perceived freedom that extra hour of daylight gave us kids.

Podcast Of The Week
Sean McCabe’s seanwes podcast, offering “tangible insights on creativity and business”. Also? A lot of thought went into those five words.

I recommend this one. Also, Jonathan Fields Good Life Radio Project. This one is particularly good.

This Week’s Music*:
I have weekly playlists over on Spotify*. I ‘m not convinced it’s possible to share them. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely this link will work unless you have a Spotify account.  So, here’s what’s on it this week.

Cat Stevens: Wild World

Winger: Madalaine

Dire Straits: Walk of Life

George Lynch: All Night Long

Judas Priest: Living After Midnight

Megadeath: These Boots Are Made For Walking (EXPLICITT)

Mr. Big: Wild World


Also, this is cool.

*I believe in paying all artists for their work. Streaming music services allow for the discovery of new music, or reminders of great music I haven’t thought about in a while. I hope that if you hear something you like you’ll consider purchasing the song (or album) for your own collection.

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