Planning A Blog Planner

Blogging makes me happy. I like writing, I’m proud of 90% of what I’ve written here and when I know what I’m doing I look forward to writing in this space.

Did you catch that little admission right there? The one where I admitted I don’t know what I’m doing? Yep. Most of the time I’m winging it. I have no set schedule for blogging. What? When? Why? I don’t know. I rarely know.

I’ve tried it all: blocking off time in my planner, developing long lists of topics, drawing nifty diagrams and pinning them to the wall opposite my monitor. And the only thing I do with any consistency is blow by all of it. Not because I don’t like writing, I truly do. My “planning” doesn’t have a consistency to it.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was developing a blog planner. When I hit on that idea I had an ulterior motive: it was really because I wanted to learn how to design printables. And a blog planner designed using those new-found skills seemed like a useful thing for folks.

Publishing said blog planner has taken me longer than I originally thought it would. That’s not because of any deign learning curve. It’s because I’ve become my own best customer. I am the person for whom I’m designing a blog planner. For real. The one who needs a consistent plan for getting it done.

It’s getting there. It’s almost a blog planner I see my self using. Consistently. Watch this space for more on when it will be available. And an “insider” series on how it came to be. Because now I know what I’m doing. 🙂


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