Weekly Wrap-Up 5-14-2016

This week’s newsletter is here.  Previous newsletters are are here and hereThis is a multi-week wrap up.

There’s always stuff that doesn’t make it into the newsletter. Here’s this week’s list:

The Essential Guide To Social Media Marketing

The Feed Is Dying I disagree that most users are unable to curate their own feeds.

The Struggle Against Internet Overload Is Real “Frankly, when people are looking for an escape from the Internet, they usually search the Internet for answers.” Don’t stop there. The very next paragraph is pretty sobering.

Pair the above with this and then schedule time to go outside.

7 Reasons Introverts Now Rule The World They aren’t ball hogs.

Apple Destroyed My Will To Collect Music One of those moments when I found myself reading this article and thinking, “wow, me too”, and becoming rather sad.

TV Of The Week
The Night Manager
, on AMC. Throwback to a a time when tv was suspenseful with being hit over the head, beautifully shot, and all-around fun.

And, I must confess, I’m one of the few (10 ,tops?) who thoroughly enjoyed the finale of The Good Wife. I thought it so nuanced that Alicia standing alone in (the very same?) hallway 7 seasons later was simultaneously a comment on how far she’d come and a comment on how much she’d become like those who hurt her in Season 1. Brilliant.

Video Of The Week

This Week’s Music*:
I have weekly playlists over on Spotify*. I ‘m not convinced it’s possible to share them. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely this link will work unless you have a Spotify account.  So, here’s what’s on it this week.

  • Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
  • Michael Franti: The Sound of Sunshine
  • Stevie Nicks: Beauty and the Beast
  • Billy Paul: Me and Mrs. Jones
  • The Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Earth Wind & Fire: September
  • No One Will Ever Love You: Connie Britton & Charles Esten

*I believe in paying all artists for their work. Streaming music services allow for the discovery of new music, or reminders of great music I haven’t thought about in a while. I hope that if you hear something you like you’ll consider purchasing the song (or album) for your own collection.

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